2nd warmest winter on record for Vancouver

While I was walking to the gym at 6:30 this morning it may have been a bit cool (just below freezing) but the sun was about to rise and we were off to another beautiful day in paradise. While winter isn't quite over yet, although it feels like it, the statistics are in and apparently this has been Vancouver's second warmest winter in 120 years.

According to Global BC meteorologist Yvonne Schalle - Vancouver's winter temperatures for the months of December, January and February averaged at 6.1 degrees with a maximum average of 9.0.  In February, a new maximum temperature record was set at 10.5 degrees, breaking the 1977 record of 10.4.  And yes, Toronto has experienced the coldest February in recorded history with an average temperature of -12.6 degrees - down from a normal average for the month of -4.5 degrees.  Oh...to be living on the westcoast - paradise.  Enjoy your day!

sunny day

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