48 hours in Vancouver for scenic viewpoints

48 Hours in Vancouver is a weekly series appearing on the Inside Vancouver blog featuring photos and information on interest-based itineraries such as food/wine, arts & culture and luxury travel; helping visitors plan the best Vancouver trip possible based on what they love. Today’s feature focuses on scenic viewpoints that showcase the Vancouver travelers think they know-and a few that they don’t.

What You’ll Need to Go on a Scenic Exploration
• A vehicle (rented or your own)
• GPS/Map
• A good quality camera (Doesn’t necessarily have to be an SLR, but should have a good zoom function)
• A tripod (to make it easier for panoramic shots)
• A picnic lunch
• A swim suit
• Good quality hiking boots/walking shoes (You’ll be doing a lot of walking)


For a 2 day tour click here

View of False Creek from Charleson Park. Photo Credit: Vancouver Park Board

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