A Bright Idea for YVR Lights.

New LED lighting on the aprons at YVR uses less power and reduces glare. New LED lighting for YVR's airside activities is proving to be a bright idea. The new lighting system by Musco Lighting significantly reduces YVR's power consumption, expands lighting coverage and increases safety for pilots, air traffic controllers and ground crews. It also marks the first time an airport in North America is using an adaptive dimming system based upon gate usage. The LED lighting was retrofitted onto YVR's existing structures, gives a more uniform distribution and features patent glare control technology so that high quality light is applied only where needed and darkness is preserved where light is not intended. This improves operational efficiency by eliminating glare. The new apron lighting is adaptive based on gate usage, meaning that lighting levels will increase and decrease based on the gate schedule in order to save power when not in use. It is expected to save 715,000 kilowat hours per year, which is the equivalent of powering 72 residential households per year.

LED lights at YVR

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