Adult-theme escaped challenges coming to Vancouver's Science World

Escape rooms have caught on across Vancouver.  The basic idea is you and a few friends get locked inside a themed room and then the group has to pick up clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges to get out before the time expires.  The lastest offering is downtown's popular SmartyPantz.

Now the escape room experience is coming to Science World with a few twists. For one night only, Science World will be transformed into the setting for The Super Villain, an expericne that combines escape gaming with game-show challenges.  But it isn't for kids.  It's a licensed 19+ event for adults who "need to let off some steam and enjoy a night away from the pressures of adulthood."

It all starts with teams of 4-6 people racing throught a gauntlet of challenges spead throughout Science World and surrounding Creekside of False Creek.  Competitors are pitted against one another in events ranging from 'BubbleSumo' to 'Giant Beer Pong' as well as other competitions designed to test mind as well as body.

Everyone wins in the end however, with an after-party at downtown's Republic NightClub to celebrate the capture of the Super Villain.  All for a good cause - the proceeds go to support the Make a Wish Foundation.

Have fun!!

Photo credit: Differense | Wikipedia

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