Are Mom & Pop stores making a come back?

Are mom-and-pop stores making a come back?  I hope so.  My wife and I live in Steveston and it's these smaller shops that draw us in on a regular basis. Whether it be Herringers - our favourite butcher shop, Steveston Bakery for yummies, or the Steveston Candy Dish for sweets.  You also have Village Bikes, Kisamos, Steveston Coffee shop and much more. In many of these shops, they don't only know us by name, but often they will know what we are looking for.  Nothing really beats that friendly, quality service that we have become so accustomed to in Steveston. 

Hopefully we are seeing a resurgence of these smaller  businesses, like the experience that Karen Hamill has experienced in this Vancouver Courier article.

Let's go back to good ole fashion friendly basics!!

Neighbourhood “mom-and-pop shops” are making a comeback, although in MacKenzie Heights, where barbe 

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