Stanley Park, as we all know it, is a lush green park which offers us a welcome break from the urban landscape surrounding it. Stanley Park is a thriving rainforest whose sprawling 400 hectares contains scenic trails, sandy beaches, historic landmarks and the famous Vancouver Aquarium. But did you know that underneath the beauty and splendor of the national historic sight lies a complex, exciting past filled with famous crimes, secret cemeteries and bizarre public art.

Forbidden Vancouver is currently offering walking tours, sharing these secrets with the public through a new experience, Secrets of Stanley Park, a 2.5 hour walking tour that covers the parks scenic stretch of the seawall, roams winding trails and wanders amid towering old growth trees. Along the way, guides relay harrowing stories about crime, persecution, military installations, poetry, scandals and even murder. These tours are fun and interactive, while jam packed with fascinating historical, architectural and cultural information. Secrets of Stanley Park is designed for the adventurer who wishes to forgo a simple stroll in the park and instead take a deeper dive into the forest.

This is the perfect time of year to tag along on the tour. The park is bright and cheery with its orange, red and yellow leaves, making it a photo worthy trip at every turn.

Learn about the reason the park was open, how the Lions Gate Bridge was built on beer and what really went down on Deadman's Island. 

Secrets of Stanley Park runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2pm to 4:30pm until the end of November. The start and end point is just outside the Aquarium.

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Ottawa plans to move forward with regulations that would make it tougher for Canadians to qualify for uninsured loans, affecting consumers with down payments of 20% or more.

The new stress test is the latest in a series of changes aimed at ensuring that Canadians can afford a home even in the event of an interest rate increase.

Today borrowers with 20% or more down can qualify for a mortgage at rates as low as 2.97%. In the next few months, that hurdle will jump to almost 5%.

The big question at the moment is whether credit unions, which are provincially regulated and don't fall under the federal restrictions will allow people to qualify at a lower rate.

Are these federal changes necessary or will they do more harm than good?  Will these changes result in a less competitive mortgage industry and disable some niche players in the residential market, like those who focus on the self-employed?

The number of borrowers who are in arrears in Canada, more than 90 days behind in their payments, is basically the same as it was in 2002. This group hasn't really grown at all over the years, including during the 2009 finanical crisis when the rate rose to 5% south of the border.

The real estate industry have been lobbying furiously for changes to the final guidelines, worried tougher borrowing conditions would squeeze more people out of the market. But the banking regulator thought differently.

How are these new rules going to affect buyers? To what degree will our home values decrease?  Your thoughts?

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October's median asking price for a one bedroom apartment in Vancouver has climbed up to a whopping $2,120 a month.

PadMapper's latest Canadian rent report was released yesterday and it shows asking prices for Vancouver rental listings have gone up again, keeping the city in the top spot as the country's most expensive rental market.

A one bedroom apartment in Vancouver has taken a 5% jump from just last month and a 15.8% jump over last October. Meanwhile, a two bedroom apartment is about $3,200 a month, a 1.3% increase from September and a 14.3% increase from last October.

Among those in the top five most expensive cities are Toronto in second place, with $1,940 for one bedroom apartments and $2,430 for two bedroom and Barrie Ontario in third place with one bedroom apartments priced at a median of $1,210 and two bedroom at $1,560.

The PadMapper Canadian rent report looks at rental data from hundreds of thousands of active listings across Canada. Only listings for long term rental properties from rental management companies and smaller independent landlords are included.

The report does not include short term listings such as Airbnb, and calculates the median rent for all advertised listings - not occupied units - in each city for each month.



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Haunted houses are horrifying enough, but add a virtual reality spin and you've catapulted from spine-tingling shivers to ear-splitting screams. This month, SmartyPantz, one of Vancouver's original escape rooms, has teamed up with virtual reality experts at vrCave to produce the Hospital of Horror - a terrifyingly lifelike VR experience that instantaneously transports guests to a derelict sanitorium where they might or might not be alone.

Hospital of Horror isn't so much an escape room as an immersive journey into a completely fabricated, yet realistic virtual world. Before entering the abandoned 'hospital' you'll strap on VR headsets and don backpacks with necessary equipment. Then, you plunge into darkness with complete freedom to explore and ultimately scare yourself silly. We won't give away the surprise here, but rest assured it won't take long for your heartbeat to ratchet up to top speed.

The experience is designed for 2 people to play at once, and trust us, you'll be thankful to have a partner in crime. It lasts an agonizing 10 minutes that feels much, much longer. This definitely isn't for the faint of heart. Be prepared for spooks and haunts to send you shrieking at every dark corner, but it's buckets of fun and makes for a memorable date night or fearfest with friends. Just beware: the Hospital of Horror will linger with you long after you've departed for the night.

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A recent housing survey is verifying pretty much what we have been saying for months. In July, August and September the condo market has been very hot, and the detached housing market not so much.

Condo prices in Metro Vancouver are up 17.6% year-over-year, with the average condo price now at approximately $620,000.

Now might be the best opporutunity in a long time to purchase a little bigger house, particularly if you are moving from a condo or townhouse and starting a family.

The gap between condos and detached homes has shrunk by roughly $110,000, which is great news for anyone considering upgrading.

Very expensive single family homes are also correcting in terms of price. An example is West Vancouver, where prices have dropped about 10% from $3.8 million to $3.4 million.

The average price for a house in Greater Vancouver now is just over $1.5 million, and may drop a bit more as we work our way towards a more balanced market (a larger supply for the demand)

For a balanced market we need about 15,000 listings, and currently we are around 9,000.

Image result for image of a house with the price going downward

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The  Vancouver Convention Centre has announced that its iconic West building has been awarded LEED Platinum certification (version 4) for Exisiting Buildings: Operations and Maintenance by the Canada Green Builiding Council.  Coupled with its 2010 Platinum certification for New Construction, the Vancouver Convention Centre is the first double LEED Platinum convention centre in the world.

Platimum is the highest level of LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and version 4 is the newest version of the rating system, considered 'the framework and benchmark for the next generation of green buildings.

The Vancouver Convention Centre was built to the highest environmental standard with features like a six-acre living roof, marine habitat and impressive green technologies.  Their commitment to the environment is more than the building. When the West building opened, they set out to be a global leader in sustainability to make a difference in the community and the global industry.

Congratulations to the whole team at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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Rezoning applications have been submitted for 2 residential developments in Vancouver's West End, one at the corner of Thurlow and Harwood and the other at Alberni and Bidwell, according to the city's website.

The first one is a proposed 39 storey market residential tower with a 6 storey podium located on the southwest corner of Alberni and Bidwell. Local developer Westbank Projects and Bing Thom Architects are responsible for the project. The tower has a rather striking architectural design, with the buiilding's out structure mimicking the look of an exoskeleton. 

The profile of the exoskeleton will create an unique alternating patter that literally steps up the building, moving away from the typical stratified or monolithic extruded towers design so prevalent in Vancouver, or for that matter, the rest of the world. Four levels of underground parking, with 180 parking stalls and 120 bicycle  parking spaces will be included.

The 2nd development consists of 2 residential towers located at Harwood and Thurlow, and is being proposed by BlueSky Partners and Henriquez  Partners Architects. According to the rezoning application, the north tower will be made up of 59 market residential units on floors 18-33 and 98  social housing units on floors 2-18.  The 2nd tower will have 1 less floor and be made up of 143 market residential units.

The proposed towers in a park are inspired by the clean modern lines of the West End character and contextual relationship to the surrounding fabric. A modern minimalism that is designed as a complementary addition to the existing context and a urban retreat for residents.

Alberni Rendering

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Fall in one of the best times of year to hike. From St. Mark's Summit to Quarry Rock, autumn is an excellent time to tackle the trails. Crowds have dwindled, as though hikers, not unlike our local bears, have begun an early hibernation. The air is fresh and crisp and as the days are quickly becoming shorter time outside is precious. The sound of crunching leaves under your boots will serve as a reminder that winter is just around the corner. Fall is for hiking!

In this area, we are blessed with some of the best hiking in the province, perhaps in the country. Mountains, lakes, rivers and alpine meadows are all a short distance away. However, don't let the closeness create a false sense of security. You want to be accustomed to dealing with the seasons and changing weather conditions. Skilled hikers with proper gear and clothing learn to embrace the often erratic weather fall can bring. However, some casual walkers are often ill-prepared. Remember, mountain weather can and will change often and quickly. Your sunny stroll can soon become a cold wet slog, and a potentially dangerous situation. Planning and preparation is your best safety bet. Consider packing a little extra caution into your backpack and ensure you are carrying the essentials.

The 10 essentails are: Flashlight or headlamp; Whistle/signalling device; Fire starter; Extra clothes; Pocketknife; Tarp/shelter; Water and snacks; First aid kit; Compass, map and GPS; Fully charged cell phone.

No matter what motivates you to enjoy a fall hike, dress in layers, log your trip plan, double check your backpack is loaded with the essentails and adventure smart!

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We live in such as diverse area in Canada, or even B.C. for that matter. Prices can differ so dramatically with just an hour or so drive.

So what can you buy for $500,000 today? Well the truth is whether you are in Vancouver or as far east as Chilliwack (or even Agassiz) you really aren't going to find a decent detached home for under $500,000. So let's look at strata properties.

In Vancouver you can currently find a 1 bedroom, 657 square foot home in Mount Pleasant that is spotless clean and ready to move in for $500,000. 

In Richmond, that same money will get you at 2 bedroom 2 full bath 1,186 square foot condo with insuite laundry near the city centre.

In South Delta, you can find a 2 bedroom, 2 full bath condo which is only 12 years old in Tsawwassen's Beach Grove with just under 900 square feet.

Cloverdale's Clayton neighbourhood, $500,000 will get you a 1180 square foot 3 bedroom, 2 full bathroom townhouse which is only 4 years old and just a little further east in Langley you can buy a 4 bedroom 2102 square feet townhouse in the heart of the city.

A 12 year old townhouse is waiting for you in Abbotsford for $500,000 which is only 12 years old and features 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms  and over 2240 square feet or you can purchase a brand new townhome in Chilliwack that has 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms on just under 2000 square feet of living space.

These are just a few examples of what $500,000 can get you. Of course there are many more examples . If you would like to find out what $750,000 or any other price range will get you in Metro Vancouver drop us a line. We are here to assist.

Main Photo: 303 1040 E BROADWAY in Vancouver: Mount Pleasant VE Condo for sale (Vancouver East)  : MLS® # R2196868

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A young homeless couple in their early 20s are attracting some attention in the neighbourhood around Cooney and Saba roads after moving into the area last month. They are dressed well and look out of place in their 'home' which is comprised of stacked suitcases, open  umbrellas and a sheet of green plastic, tucked into a corner of a vacant building lot near the Brighouse Station. The couple say that their home is waterproof, skunk proof and the dragon doll scares the raccoons away. The couple keeps their heads down when people walk by...they feel embarassed. They young man said that he and his partner have been living on the street for almost a year since his parents kicked him out of the family home. He is working as an on-call laundry person, while his girlfriend is unemployed.  They live on food given out by nearby restaurants and food court owners and shower in community facilities.

The couple have money (a government rental subsidy) but can't find a place.  They have been applying for houses, going to view places but never hear back from the landlords.

The Homeless population keeps growing. This young couple are just a snapshot of the growing homeless population in Richmond.

The 2017 homeless  count in Richmond is currently 70, of which 29 are unsheltered. This includes 10 children and youth under 25, and 15 seniors. 41 of these people say that they have been homless for more than one year. The figure is an 84% rise compared with the last count in 2014 (38) and is the highest since 2005, when the count was first conducted.

Almost half of the survey say the high rental rates and a lack of income are the major factors fuelling homelessness. In fact, more than 20% of the surveyed homeless people have either part time or full time jobs.

Non-profit housing and service providers estimate that there are currently more than 120 homeless individuals in Richmond. The Richmond shelter turns away 130 people each month.

The Salvation Army Richmond House on Shell Road is the only homeless shelter currently available in Richmond, offering 10 beds to male applicants and no capacity for those with disabilities.

Female homeless individuals may seek accomodation in the city's domestic abuse care centre, Nova House.

Just recently, The City of Richmond and BC Housing announced that the Salvation Army is to receive an expanded facility on Horseshoe Way next year. This shelter will have 36 beds for both men and women and people with disabilities.

The city is also updating its affordable housing strategy, which includes new policies to build more affordable housing for people who are most at risk.

The issue is that demand is outstripping the supply. Addressing homelessness is not a simple solution and it's not something the city, by itself can resolve. Running shelters is very expensive and work needs to be done to get help from the community partners, as well as funding from the provincial and federal governments.  According the the city's Emgergency Services and Transitional Housing report released in 2015, it costs about $1,932 per month for a sheltered bed.


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Are you afraid of the dark? Well, you should be because what lurks in the shadows during Fright Nights at Playland comes straight from your nightmares...

Experience the terror being stalked by a chainsaw wielding maniac during Fright Nights at Playland on select nights from October 6th through to the 31st. Each night features 8 haunted houses including a new one: The Bloodshed...and live performances that'll scare your socks off!

Fright Nights is open on weekends and select weekdays as we get closer to Halloween, and yes, it's definitely open on Tuesday, October 31st. Gates open at 7pm and the fun keeps going late into the night. General Gate Admission provides access to all Haunted Houses, 20 rides and Monsters of Schlock sideshow.

Here's a preview of some fo the haunted house attractions:

Car-N-Evil: It's the year of clowns with success of IT, so what better way to spend an evening than with a bunch of them, waiting to show you a party trick.

Asylum: Check into this hospital and you may check out with less body parts than you arrived with... that is, if you can get out!

The Bloodshed: This family of mutated murders and sadistic aberrations feed of your fear, and your insides. Their wholesome foundation is built on the blood and bones of their victims.

Fear: What are you afraid of? Face your biggest phobias at FEAR! This house will bring you face-to-face with your innermost nightmares, the things you avoid during the day, and hope to not dream about at night. Good luck.

Sound like fun? No? Well, too bad.. you should go anyway! Fright Nights at Playland is the most fun you could have while screaming your head off. 

fright nights 2017 playland

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Get more done with the WalkCar... this is the solution to your daily transportation needs. Those that live in urban environmenets likely have to deal with a lot of traffic congestion and even taxes and fees for car use. The WalkCar allows you to get around in urban areas without the exhaustion that can  occur with excessive walking.

The WalkCar allows you to arrive at your destination energized and ready to take care of what is important to you. Even though the WalkCar is lightweight and can fit into a small tote or backpack, it boasts a battery that can last for about 7 hours when travelling at a speed of just over 6 miles per hour. 

The WalkCar is rated to withstand loads of up to 265 lbs. There is little doubt that once more people see what this great product can do; models will be built with even higher weight capacities.

The WalkCar can easily take on hills, so you don't have to. The Wheels are able to handle small bumps in the road as well as uneven pavement.

The WalkCar is easy to control. Simply leaning in the directions you want to go is all you have to do. Japanese engineering has made the WalkCar very sensitive to the needs of the individual, so it responds quickly to your body movements.

Sounds like fun!

WalkCar Human Transporter

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The second annual OktoberfeSteveton is back, bigger and better than last year. It will all start about 4pm this Friday with 6 Steveston Village restaurants co-hosting through to Sunday the celebration of all-things German, complete with a different craft brewery pavilion at each location.

On Saturday, No. 1 Rd. will be closed off to cars from Moncton to Bayview for the main event, the street party from 10am to 6pm with a DJ, Porche Car Show, German accordian player, kids entertainer, Sockeyes and White Spot mascots and of course, a German-style barbeque out front of Davood's Bistro.

Once again there will be a German-themed beer garden out the back of Steveston Seafood House on Moncton St from 10am to 10pm, with German  beer, wine and food being served with the local rock band 'Thor' providing the entertainment.

The German accordian player will perform from 12pm to 3pm, while the children's entertainer will be there from around 11am to 4pm.

The fun doesn't stop there. After the street party closes at 6pm; there will be an outdoor movie screening outside Menchies at 7pm.

The 6 co-hosting restaurants and their guest breweries are: Davood's Bistro (Paulaner); Hogshack (Fuggles & Warlock); Chef's Playground Eatery (Parallel 49); Catch (Four Winds Brewery); Shady Island (Red Truck) and Britannia Brewing Company (Britannia Brewing).

There will be stamp cards at every one of the co-hosting restaurants for festival goers to get stamped and then enter it to win a prize.

More than 2,000 people took part in the inaugural OktoberfeSteveton last year. Let's make this one even bigger. Enjoy!!

Image result for images of steveston's OktoberfeSteveston

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Last weekend, longtime anti-poverty activist, Jean Swanson pitched 2 special property tax brackets for high value homes at a rally in Vancouver's Point Grey neighbourhood.

The 2 proposed tax brackets would draw an extra 1% from homes assessed at $5 million and higher, or 2% from homes assessed at $10 million and higher. This would affect approximately 4,942 homes and would generate about $174 million annually.

She went on to say that we are in the middle of a housing crisis and have about 2,000 people homeless on the streets dying at half the age of others. The average 1 bedroom apartment is $1000 a month, more than the total minimum wage of a full time worker.

This $174 million could go to modular housing for the homeless, then social and co-op housing. 

Andy Yan, from Simon Fraser University City Program is intrigued by how this top 3% of the city's properties alone held 14.2% ($39.5 billion) of the markets total $278 billion assessed value. He goes on to say that maybe we should consider a  progressive land tax, because we actually have other taxation schemes (like ICBC) vehicle tax for luxury cars as examples. It's not a foreign system, it's not something that's coming totally out of the blue.

The idea of a 'mansion tax' is not new either. The state of New York implemented one in 1989, though it functions as a transfer tax on real estate worth more than $1 million.  Vancouver's  proposed tax more closely resembles an income tax recently approved by Seattle's city council, which when implemented will draw 2.25% annually from residents earning more than US $250,000.

UBC economist, Thomas Davidoff, said the tax would primarily affect homeowners who bring money from outside of Vancouver into the city, and is particularly beneficial to residents. He says, 'It's very hard to find anything undesirable about raising taxes on high value Vancouver property, but obviously it's bad for the rich guys.

Davidoff drew a comparison between a homeowner living in a $5 million mansion, declaring a poverty income and paying $20,000 a year in property tax but no income tax, and a tech worker making $200,000 a year and renting but paying $60,000 in income tax. The idea that somebody sitting on a $5 million property, not working, ought to pay way less tax than somebody renting and working, making $200,000, doesn't make sense.

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It's time to take out the Lederhosen and start practicing your favourite German phrases, because Oktoberfest is coming to Vancouver! Harvest Haus, the biggest celebration of Oktoberfest in Vancouver will be back from October 5 to 14 in a new bigger location.

The 4th annual event will be taking place in Downtown Vancouver at Sole Food Street Farms at 88 Pacific Boulevard, next to BC Place. This years Harvest Haus features a packed schedule of events for an excellent evening of guzzling beer and feasting bratwurst.

The expanded 'Mini Munich' will feature 7 dinner sittings and a lineup of events that include axe throwing contests, Stein Games (beer sport competitions), a Lippensynchron Battle (i.e. lip synching) and lots more.

Tickets are available now and cost $25 for general admission, which includes access to a four and half hour celebration with unique musical performances and authenitc European food stalls. Alternatively, splurge for the Harvest Burgermeister ($40) for VIP seating, a complimentary beer stein, access to a VIP bar and other perks.

oktoberfest vancouver 2017

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A proposal by Canada's banking regulator to expand 'stress tests' for mortgage borrowers will reduce how much house Canadians can afford by up to 21%. And reducing affordability by that much is likely to lead to a 10% plus decline in house prices.

If these new rules are implemented in their current form, the effect of these changes could be significant. When buyers qualify for less mortgage financnig, it puts significant downward pressure on homes prices.

Properties worth more than $1 million will likely be most affected by this change, which means that Vancouver will be one of the most impacted areas.

Canada's federal banking regulator (OSFI), has proposed a 'stress test' for borrowering of uninsured mortgages, where the borrower puts 20% or more down. This follows a new rule introduced last fall which requires borrowers who put less than 20% down to pass a similar test.

About 46% of mortgages outstanding in Canada are uninsured, with a 20% or more down payment. A household with an annual income of $100,000 and a fixed rate 25 year mortgage at 2.84% can afford an house worth up to $726,145 currently. Under the new proposed rules, the same household would be able to afford only $573,791, a reduction of more than $150,000.

How do you feel these changes are going to affect our local home values?

house for sale

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There is an interactive map published by a Vancouver programmer that suggests even an above-average income isn't enough to get into the front door of a single family home in Vancouver.

Jens von Bergmann of MountainMath, mapped the assessed value of every house in Vancouver, then calculated the approximate income required to purchase each home.

His data suggests that those bringing in the average Vancouver family income of about $90,000 are shut out of about 60% of the city. The map shows families in that range can afford a $568,000 home.

The map assumes buyers have a 20% down payment, and are willing to spend up to one-third of their income, before taxes, on a mortgage. The mortgage used for the simulation is for 25 years at 4% interest.

A single family home on the east side becomes affordable to those earning around $250,000 a year, while the most affordable home in the west requires a salary of about $300,000.

Even $500,000 wouldn't get you a home in the majority of the West Side of Vancouver.

If you are willilng to rent out an existing or newly created suite you may be able to buy in the market with incomes of $125,000, but a buyer's chances of finding that home is slim. There are approximately 62,000 households that bring in $125,000 per year, which is almost as many as Vancouver has single homes.

This data leaves you wondering why so much of the city is reserved for the rich and why any move at all that would create more affordable housing is not enough.

Interactive map shows affordable homes



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Vancouver will likely lose more gas stations as land values rise and high density zoning along major corridors in the city encourages more fuel companies to cash out.

Gas stations are typically located in prime areas on corners of major crossroads, and as the opportunity costs of capital that's built within those sites, and how it has been growing over the years, makes sense that the gas stations who are cashing out.

This month alone, Chevron Canada confirmed that it would be selling and closing five more gas stations in Vancouver. They are located at Cambie and West 16th, Oak and West 41st, Broadway and Alma, Cambie and West 59th and West 4th and Macdonald. Of these five, 2 have already ceased operations with deals completed and the other 3 have offers with expectations that they will be closed in the next 4  to 6 weeks.

These sales follow Chevron's previous closures of it downtown station at 1698 W. Georgia St which sold for a reportedly $72 million.

Chevron still has the largest market share in the city and will continue to operate its remaining 17 retail stations in the city.

Chevron's land sales remain unique to Vancouver at this time, and despite skyrocketing land values across Metro Vancouver, there are no plans to sell locations in other municipalities.

While it seems that more people in  Vancouver are walking, cycling and taking transit, its a myth that drivers are using less fuel. Chevron has a certain amount of volume that they can sell, and it's based on what they can produce at their Burnaby refinery dailly. Volumes have increased over the last couple of years in Vancouver and each year there are more vehicles on the road.

Meanwhile, downtown Vancouver is facing the fact of having no gas stations in the downtown core.  Esso's station at Burrard and Davie is currently for sale.

The Esso station at Burrard and Davie is up for sale. The city's West End plan allows for a 300-foot tower on the site.


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Meat and cheese go together like bread and butter, so it just seems right to have a festival devoted to the perfect pairing. The 2nd annual Vancouver Cheese and Meat Festival is approaching quickly and tickets were quick to sell out. However, there is a rumour that some extra passes will be made available to those on the waitlist for evening tickets. Additionally, if you post on the Event Facebook page, there's a good chance that people may be willing to sell their tickets if they're no longer able to go to the actual event. 

This year the Cheese and Meat festival will be hosted in Vancouver on September 30th at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre in Yaletown (181 Roundhouse Mews).

The festival will feature local and international cheese and meats with an assortment of condiments, including pickles, nuts, bread and more.  Guests will also be able to enjoy the meaty and cheesy delicacies paired with a variety of beverages, including wine, beer and cider.

The full list of vendors is available on the Cheese & Meat Festival website.

The Cheese and Meat Festival also takes place in Victoria, and recently launched its first event in Seattle. To keep an eye on ticket sales, visit the Facebook Event page.

vancouver cheese and meat festival 2017

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Vancouver's ever-changing skyline will evolve once again, when the city's newest entertainment destination, Parq Vancouver, opens its doors on Friday, September 29th. A celebratory roll of the dice on the casino floor will mark the occasion at 11pm.

Built to meet LEED Gold environmental standards, Parq Vancouver is the largest private develpment in British Columbia, delivering everything in one stunning space; including 2 world class luxury hotels, a coveted culinary line-up, a new standard in convention hospitality, state of the art gaming and a transformative outdoor experience that is unique to Vancouver.

With a lobby featuring a full sized Douglas fir encased in glass, the DOUGLAS represents a balanced dialogue of nature and the city. The DOUGLAS joins the diverse and dynamic portfolio of more than 100 Autograph Collection Hotels around the world that are independant and one of a kind.

With more than 60,000 square feet of well appointed, fully accessible and flexible space, Parq Vancouver redefines the meeting and convention experience, offering 13 ballrooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms including the 15,604 square foot Parq Grand Ballroom, the largest ballroom in the city.

The second and third floor gaming levels - bathed in natural light by floor to ceiling windows feature 600 slot machines, 75 table games, a poker room and 11 exclusive salons for a private gaming experience.

Guests will be able to book their stays at JW Marriot Parq Vancouver and the DOUGLAS by visiting

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