Yes, love locks are officially coming to Vancouver. Paris is famous for its love locks.  In fact, so many couples have professed their love by securing locks to the city's Pont des Arts that one of the bridge's railings collapsed under the weight.

If you look carefully, you can already spot love locks around Vancouver.  The Burrard Bridge has become a popular destination for lover lockers.  And that's part of the problem.  Some people consider the locks unsightly and too many can threaten the stability of railings or other structures, posing a safety hazard.

So to keep these problems for spiralling out of control Vancouver is now taking a unique step and officially welcoming love locks as a form of public art. A survey on the City of Vancouver website asks participants to choose one of 13 locationss of an official love lock sculpture. This special sculpture will be built at the site that gets the most votes, onto which anyone can attach a lock and show their love to the world.  This same approach has already been taken with some success in Toronto as well as Seoul and Moscow.  You can go online and vote for your favorite location up until September 16. What are your thoughts on this 'love lock' idea?

Image from City of Vancouver

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