Cool Apps - Lark

Lark uses a mix of artificial intelligence and human experts to help people lose weight and get more fit. The app helps you track your workouts and meals, and has a textng interface to make it seem like you're communicating one-on-one with a personal health coach.

The idea is to take the complexity out of tracking meals and exercises. Just tell lark what you had to eat and it will give you nutrition coaching based on your goals and past eating habits.

The app uses your smartphone and Apple Watch's sensors to track your workouts for you.

Lark was named Forrester Research's most innovative digital health product of the year. The app is free to use and offers enterprise pricing for coaching teams or patients and working with health care providers.

"We use artificial intelligence to clone some of the world's best health experts," lark founder Julia Hu told Tech Insider, referencng MBA coaches and behaviour change experts from Harvard and Stanford that work at her startup. "The idea is to make those people your personal coach. We really make it personal".

Lark is free and is available on iOS and Android.


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