Cool Gadget - Human Transporter

Get more done with the WalkCar... this is the solution to your daily transportation needs. Those that live in urban environmenets likely have to deal with a lot of traffic congestion and even taxes and fees for car use. The WalkCar allows you to get around in urban areas without the exhaustion that can  occur with excessive walking.

The WalkCar allows you to arrive at your destination energized and ready to take care of what is important to you. Even though the WalkCar is lightweight and can fit into a small tote or backpack, it boasts a battery that can last for about 7 hours when travelling at a speed of just over 6 miles per hour. 

The WalkCar is rated to withstand loads of up to 265 lbs. There is little doubt that once more people see what this great product can do; models will be built with even higher weight capacities.

The WalkCar can easily take on hills, so you don't have to. The Wheels are able to handle small bumps in the road as well as uneven pavement.

The WalkCar is easy to control. Simply leaning in the directions you want to go is all you have to do. Japanese engineering has made the WalkCar very sensitive to the needs of the individual, so it responds quickly to your body movements.

Sounds like fun!

WalkCar Human Transporter

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