End of an Era - The Gates are finally Closing!

On April 4th, TransLink will officially shut all the gates at SkyTrain and SeaBus stations, a roll-out that is expected to be completed by April 8th.  Riders will be required to use a valid Compass Card or single-use Compass ticket to tap into the system and open the gates.  Compass Card holders must also tap out to avoid being charged for more zones than they actually travelled.

Passengers will still be able to use cash or old-fashioned FareSaver tickets on buses which aren't outfitted with gates.

Currently, 675,000  people have signed up for Compass Cards, which allows users to load a balance in advance to be deducted with each use of the transit system.  An estimated 300,000 cards are tapped in and out every weekday, according to an article in Vancity Buzz.

Those who fail to tap out on the SkyTrain are charged for 3 zones of travel, even if they've only gone 1 zone. Right now, only 92% tap out.  TAP OUT!

The $194.7 million fare gate and Compass Card system has be plagued by delays.  Original plans called for fare gates to be in place as early as 2010, but reliability concerns repeatedly pushed back the implementation date.  Better later than never I guess!!

Photo credit: Shwangtianyuan | Wikipedia

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