Five Reasons Why You'll Think Twice Before Leaving Home Without A Reusable Bag

Did you know?

*  At a rate of 2 million bags per day, 730 million plastic bags are ending up in the landfill every year.

*  Laid end-to-end, Vancouverites annually dispose of enough single use plastic bags to circle the equator 9.7 times (388,291 kilometres).

*  The amount of energy required to make just 12 plastic bags could drive a car one mile (2.2 kilometres) - that means the amount of energy needed to make the number of bags thrown out in Vancouver every day could drive a car 166,667 miles (366,667km), or all the way around the world almost 6.7 times.

*  Paper bags aren't much better. The production of paper bags has a high environmental impact, such as the effect on global warming, and the use on non-renewable energy and water.

*  Combined, plastic and paper bags make up 3% of large litter items found on Vancouver streets and 4% of items collected during shoreline clean ups.

Have Bag Will Travel!! Let's not leave home without a reuseable bag. 

Vancouver city council is considering a ban on single-use items, such as disposable coffee cups, tak

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