Grocery Vending Machines coming to Vancouver

Would you like a vending machine in your complex lobby where you could go and get your eggs, milk and fresh fruit?  Starting this month we will start to see specialized vending machines make an appearanc in some select Vancouver high-rises.  These futuristic machines will be installed by a local company called Happy Vending and their aim is to provide condo dwellers with some basic groceries, from breakfast staples like bacon and eggs to personal items such as diapers and Band-Aids.

These machines are capabale of carrying from 50-70 items and are meant to function as a mini convenience store, sparing patrons a trip to an actual store.  The machines are paired with a special smartphone app that allows bulding residents to instantly see the inventory, prices and expiration dates of items being offered.  The machines are also equipped with an elevator mechanism so that fragile items such as eggs get a soft landing when dispensed.

Happy Vending is hoping to expand form its 2 pilot buildings whose locations have not yet been disclosed, and install more machines in Vancouver and across Canada.  Will one of these machines be coming to a building near you?  To be financially viable, the machines should be installed in buiildings with at least 250 residents.  Interesting idea?? Let's see if it catches on.

Photo sourced from Happy Vending

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