House in Houston Texas for sale for just $150 - and an essay

A family in Houston Texas has decided they want to move closer to their daughter's school, and have chosen to re-locate.

The untraditional family developed an essay contest with an entry fee to sell their house. 

They put together a website calling for entries and those that are interested submitt a $150 entry fee and an essay of 200 words or less.  The winning essay gets the house.  Within just a few hours of the website going live it crashed because of the amount of interest.

Picking a winner will be hard, but they will likely receive around 3000 applications by mid-June estimating a $450,000 value for a house that is appraised at just under $400,000.  Pretty gutsy move, but a sweet deal for the winner.  A nice 1056 square foot, 2 bedroom / 1 bathroom home with a  double car garage on a 5300 square foot lot for $150 and some creativity.  Maybe I should start selling houses using this method.


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