Is a minority government going to be good for real estate in BC?

Do you think that a minority government in BC might not be a bad thing?

Will this opportunity force all three parties to make a concerted effort to improve the supply of all forms of housing, just because that's what voters want?

Even  though this minority government will likely be short lived, like most, they are going to have to look at how to go about getting re-elected to a majority.

This may also be what will influence the housing policy moving forward over the next short period of time.

Maybe now the provincial government will lead the discussion with municipalities and the federal government to take real action on housing supply.

There should be a real concerted effort on the part of our provincial government to lead the discussion in this area, to bring the municipaliities to the table, to include the federal government with overall policy.  Well here's hoping!

Minority B.C. government could be good for housing: real estate executive

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