Is it time to put women back on our money?

I had no idea, but apparently in 2011 the only Canadian bank note depicting women were replaced by the image of an icebreaker.  Isn't it time to urge the Bank of Canada to start putting women back on our bucks again?

Historian, Mema Forster has launched a petitiion with the hopes that the Bank of Canada would see how  important it is to Canadians that we celebrate the contributions of women to the nation's history.

A $50 bill, launched in 2004, depicted the women's rights crusaders know as 'The Famous Five' and feminist Thereses Casgrain, only to be replaced by a boat.

The website Women on Canadian Banknotes includes a portal to Forster's  petition, which has over 50,000 signatures so far, as well as a $100 bill image generator that allows user to suggest Canadian women and see how they might look immortalized on the paper money.

Some suggestions include Margaret Atwood, Lucy Maud Montogmery, Mary Pickford and the National Women's Hockey Team. Who would your choice be?


Anonymous submitted…
Dr. Leonora Howard King 1851-1925
The first Canadian doctor to serve in China - where she worked for 47 years. Honoured for her achievements there by being named a Mandarin. Created a government medical school for women, managed a hospital for women and children, etc. Recognized as a heroine in both Canada and China!

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