A woman places a poppy among hundreds of others alongside a makeshift memorial to the 42 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier following Remembrance Day ceremonies in Ottawa Saturday, Nov. 11,  2006.

(PHOTO: Tom Hanson, The Canadian Press)


On Sunday, we pay tribute to those members of the armed forces who sacrificed themselves, who served their nation during war, armed conflict and peace. This post is for you, to share your thoughts about the men and women of the armed forces who stood up for you.

From Kaye

I’m not forgetting …… my father’s service in the Royal Navy during WW2 in Corvette’s on Atlantic and Arctic convoy duty (the Murmansk run), Submarines, and finally a Minesweeper which was blown up and sank in the Mediterranean, he was one of two survivors; all this and he was still a teenager. My mother told me of this, my father never spoke about it.

As a child whenever I encountered what I thought was a huge a problem and spoke with my father about it, he would comfort me and say “that’s nothing on a big ship”, invariably he was right. I miss him so very much.


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