Looking for something a little glamorous - The Villa Leopolda

The Villa Leopolda is a large 27 storey detached villa which is believed to be Europe's most expensive home, valued at approximately $1.2 Billion. This luxurious shack takes it name from King Leopold, who built it back in 1902 for his mistress Blanche Zelia Josephine Delacroix.  This 80,000 square foot estate is situated on the French Riveria and is divided on 2 guest houses on the 20 acre land. The best part of this villa would be its private beach on the best beach front in the southern part of France. The house consists of 14 bathrooms and 11 bedooms.

The villa was used as the location of Lermontov's villa in the 1948 film, The Red Shoes. The heroine climbs the steps to the villa thinking that she's been invited to dinner. Instead she would be given the starring role in the new ballet.

Alfred Hitchcock also used the villa as a set in his 1955 movie, To Catch a Thief.

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