Richmond to install cameras at all main intersections

In a bid to provide evidence for investigations on collisions, when an accident happens at an intersection in Richmond next year, it is likely to be recorded on camera.

The City of Richmond is planning to install closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) at all the 175 signalized intersections in 2018.

The staff report was passed at the city council's general purposes committee last week and is just pending final approval at the council meeting today.

Once approved, the city will invest approximately $2.2 million to upgrade all existing traffic cameras to allow for live video feed recording, and to add additional video recording cameras at all signalized intersections.

The cameras will provide evidence for investigations on serious collisions at intersections, as well as facilitate the RCMP's ability to identify and locate criminals and investigate threats of violence.

The cameras will also help to monitor big events such as the Steveston Salmon Festival and Richmond World Festival, to ensure public safety.

The Richmond RCMP and the city's transportation department hopes the technology will deter crime, reduce traffic accidents and provide an additional tool in crime and accident investigations.

Based on statistics from ICBC, 88% of accidents in Richmond occur at intersections.


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