Snow Battle comes to Robson Square on Saturday

From 10am till 4pm Robson Square will transform into a Winter Wonderland to host Vancouver's Canadian Cancer Society Yukigassen Snow Battle 2015.  This is a Japanese sport which involves an epic three period snow battle with snow balls and flag capturing - and we are all invited to take part this weekend.

This is the 2nd year that this snowball fight which is an actual sport with an international federation created in Japan has been to Vancouver.  It was created in 1980 and the Canadian chapter was formed about 5 years ago where they hold their national championship in Jasper, and the winner goes to compete in Japan. 

Last year the event took place on Mount Seymour and this year it will take place in Robson Square where the rink usually is.   People can come along and sign up for a minimum donation of $5 for a pick -up game.  There will be refs and coaches there to go through the rules and if you want to play you will need to wear light athletic clothing and shoes you can run in.  Helmets will be provided. Sounds like a different kind of fun!

Photo Credit: Canadian Cancer Society

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