Ten Ideas for Mother's Day

If you are a procrastinator  and haven't yet got anything planned for potentially one of the  top 2 ladies in you life (pretty sneaky how I dropped in 'potentially' eh? - I don't want to have anyone's nose out of joint??) then maybe this list of 10 different ways to show your mom a little gratitude might come in handy.   I kind of like the 2 for the price of 1 cupcake deal at 'Cupcakes' on Thurlow.  I wonder if that deal is on today.  I kind of have the munchies.  I also like the pizza idea at  Nicli Antica Pizzeria. I shouldn't right these blogs just before lunch - the picture below doesn't help either.  Anyway now you don't have any excuses.  Have a great Sunday and ENJOY!

How will you be celebrating Mother's Day?

Photo credit: Nicli Antica Pizzeria

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