The Halibut Festival Returns to Greater Vancouver.

If you love halibut as much as I do then you might enjoy this weekend.  A 2 day event in 2 separate locations.  Tomorrow in the parking lot of  Fresh Street Market in West Vancouver you can find yourself a delicious grilled halbut burger and a drink for a crazy $5.   And more importantly fresh halibut will be on sale for what is promised to be the best price of the season.  

If tomorrow doesn't work, or if want another great venue then try Fresh Street Farms in Surrey on Sunday.  There you will find tons of fresh halibut, grilled halibut burgers and loads of food demo's  courtesy of Fraser Meadows Yogurt and Sutra Curry.  Click here for more about this fun festivial

I don't know about you, but I love Pajo's in Steveston on a hot sunny day, but my favorite  halibut joint  would have to be good old reliable Dave's Fish and Chips on Moncton in Steveston.   Where's your favorite halibut meal?


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