The West Dyke Trail - a great place to train for the Sun Run

The 2016 Vancouver Sun Run, one of Canada's biggest organized 10km runs, is quickly approaching. On Sunday, April 17th the streets of Downtown Vancouver will be taken over by a sea of blue t-shirts as the whole city seems to come together to run.

If you've already started your training for the run, or if you haven't moved from the couch quite yet we have an idea on where to enjoy a nice run outside now that the weather is starting to cooperate.  

Richmond is the perfect place to go running because it is nice and flat. There's no chance of randomly running into a big hill that causes you to have to slow down to a walk - you can just keep steaming along steadily.

The West Dyke Trail is a peaceful piece of land in Richmond that skirts the water on the way to Steveston.  You'll be sharing the trail with cyclists, so make sure you stick to one side.  There are plenty of side trails to explore on the run as well, if you get bored of the same landscape.

Best of all, you can stop at Steveston for a post-run treat.  Where's you favorite place to run?


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