Vancouver's New Liquor Laws

Pubs and restaurants can now offer their patrons happy hour specials on beer, wine and spirits. Under the new law bars and restaurants can now set their own happy hour specials providing they comply with the mandatory minimum prices.  For beer the minimum price for a 12 oz bottle or sleeve is $3 and  wine must be at least $3 for a 5 oz glass. Spirits must be at least $3 for a 1.5 oz drink.

Under the new law alcohol can now be sold at farmer's markets and minors are now allowed to dine at pubs.

In total, 73 recommendations to modernize B.C.’s liquor laws were submitted as part of the latest B.C. Liquor Policy Review.  So far, 17 changes have been implemented. 

What do you think about the latest changes to B.C.’s booze policies?

Photo credit: Rick Chung | Flickr

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