Velopalooza - Themed bike rides for June

Tired of those boring bike rides that have you going from just one place to another without lights, music, dancing, costumes or beer? Then the Velopalooza Festival might be for you.

Velopalooza was first born back in 2010 when a few avid Vancouver cyclists travelled to Portland for Pedalpalooza. They were inspired to bring that kind of community driven bike fun to Vancouver and after reaching out to fellow cyclists, the festival was born.

This cycling celebration spans two weeks from June 9th - June 25th and includes a wide array of fun, themed rides put on by the public. It's a great opportunity to meet new people, learn new bike routes and most importantly, it's a great excuse to spend more time on your bike.

The Vancouver Velopalooza Festival centres around daily themed rides that are organized by the general  public. Everyone is invited to add a ride or a bike related event to the Velopalooza calendar. At this moment there are over 40 hosted rides taking place that offer something for everyone. Let's get out and have some riding fun!


velopalooza vancouver 2017 bike festival

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