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Canucks Pre Game Show


t’s a new year, a new season, and the Vancouver Canucks are looking stronger than ever — especially with their new pre-game show. Quite simply, the pre-game show is fantastically epic. Forget, U2. We’re moving on to spoken word, cool visuals, and amazing light displays.

The pre-game show is ultimately one of the most important parts of the hockey game (aside from how the team actually plays…). It’s the time when you want to get the audience pumped up and cheering, the players frothing at the mouth to meet their opponents, and the other team saying “wow, I wish they were cheering for us”.


This year, the team at Juicy Studios — all the way from Rossland, BC– have teamed up with Kyprios (local rapper) and Ajay Bhattacharyya of Victoria to create a pre-game show that is unique, gripping, and exciting to watch.

It’s next to impossible to try and explain exactly what goes on during the entire show, but everyone from die-hard fan to bored girlfriend will be bouncing in their seats with excitement ready to watch the Canucks continue on their ultimate journey towards the Stanley Cup.

The new pre-game show also comes equipped with fancy new stanchion lights which are located inside the glass that borders the rink. The Canucks are the first hockey team in the league to feature this impressive new technology, and it does not disappoint.

With all this talk of exciting new additions to the Rogers Arena, it’s a must to check out at least one game this season. The next game is tomorrow, October 10th when the Canucks host the San Jose Sharks. 


Vancouver Canucks Game

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