When money isn't an issue - Indulge in one of these toys!

When money isn't an issue, one can indulge in some very cool and expensive toys. Especially now that Christmas is over, it might be time to treat yourself. Toys that the rich own, but the rest of us have only seen in movies about the future. Toys that are very real and for sale, if you can afford their hefty price. One of my favourites is the 'Pav-V One Helicycle.  Yes, a flying motorcycle that sounds like something from Wacky Races, but thanks to the Netherlands, it is the real thing. The Pal-V is a 3 wheeled hydrid car and a gyrocopter. The dual vehicle can reach speeds of 112 miles an hour on both land and in the air. On a single tank of gas, it can fly a distance of 220 miles or drive for 750 miles on land. 

Two downfalls though - In order to switch over from car to copter mode, it takes about 10 minutes. Also, you need 540 feet of runway space to take off because it is a gyrocopter and doesn't lift straight up like a helicopter. So if you're driving it around and run into a traffic jam, you can't just turn on the copter and fly over those non-flying suckers.  An in order to drive a helicycle, you need more than $400,000, a driver license and a pilots license.

Too many restrictions - I think I will pass. What's next! 

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